In new York returns to the rain and snow the arrival of spring is delayed

If you think that winter has finally come to an end, and ahead of the inhabitants of «Big Apple» is waiting for spring and Sunny days, you jumped. After a relatively warm and Sunny weekend, new York will return to the harsh reality. Snow with rain and increasing wind will bring the people of the city Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, markedly the force of the wind, to 4,5-6 ms, and the sky close to the clouds. In the first half of Sunday will be cloudy, but after lunch the sun must seize the initiative. The temperature will be kept within the 8-15 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the average wind is expected to reach 5 m / s, but sometimes possible gusts of up to 9-10 ms, so you should be careful.

Closer to Monday morning is a high probability that it will rain, and then it will increase and snow. Along with the rainfall will come a small cold, maximum temperature will reach +7 degrees Celsius. This weather will last all day Monday. During the day, precipitation will change places, and the wind subside, up to 4 m / s.

On Tuesday cloudy weather and rain will continue to rule over new York. The mark on the thermometers in the middle of the day will rise to +10 degrees Celsius. The national weather service predicts that the probability of precipitation this afternoon will be 60%, and closer to the night can go shower.

Based on the forecast, advises to dress warmer to postpone the spring and plans to keep close at hand umbrella.