Weather in new York: anomalous cold and the threat of coastal flooding

The situation in new York didn’t last long. After a record jump in temperature to 27°C and above, which was recorded on Friday, followed by a sharp drop in temperature.

Temps as of 230 pm around the tri-state show that Central Park has hit 80 degrees for the first time this year! The last time Central Park hit 80 was October 10th 2017. Newark is a different story, the last time it hit 80 was actually February 21st of this year!

— NWS New York NY (@NWSNewYorkNY) April 13, 2018

Sunday was marked by an anomalous cold — the maximum temperature to which the air warms up during the day to 5°C. In the meteorological service noted that such weather conditions typical for most of January than mid-spring. However, it is not the coldest April in history — the record was recorded in 1943, when the thermometer dropped to -2°C.
The cold will be accompanied by heavy rainfall in new York city and the suburbs will fall to 687 mm of precipitation.

Mod to heavy rain is forecast late Sun night-Mon. 2″-3″ of rain is forecast, with locally higher amounts.

Also, a Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for portions of NYC, LI, NE NJ, Westchester, and SW coastal CT. Minor to locally moderate flooding is possible 8 pm Sun-2 pm Mon

— NWS New York NY (@NWSNewYorkNY) April 15, 2018

This increases the likelihood of coastal flooding. An appropriate warning is issued to the Bronx, Northern Queens, southern Westchester County and Northern Nassau County.

Sudden change in the weather will affect weather-sensitive people. The experts at Accuweather and the National endowment for the headache I warn you that on Sunday there is a high possibility of aggravation of migraines.