Showers and thunderstorms can ruin your weekend

If you want to relax in the fresh air, have time to do it today (5 may), because already tomorrow in most parts of the northeast will be showers and thunderstorms.

«After the storm Friday people in the northeast want to go out this weekend, said meteorologist bill Diger from AccuWeather. — On bolshej parts of territory (except the mid Atlantic) they will be able to enjoy the dry and comfortable weather conditions on Saturday.»

In the area from the valley of the Tennessee to West Virginia the rains come today.

Sunday will be more cloudy, and in most parts of the region will be rain. Residents need to prepare for the fact that the heat in the northeast will subside from Burlington (VT) and Albany (new York) to Altoona (PA) air temperature will not be above 50ºF (10ºC).

Already on Sunday morning to rain in Pittsburgh, and Buffalo (NY), Cleveland (Oh) and Indianapolis (Indiana) — after noon. If you plan to spend the day outdoors, as soon as you hear thunder, it is advisable to go to shelter because there is danger of a lightning strike.

Showers and thunderstorms will bring cooler, dry air to the northeast early next week.