Over new York swept a devastating storm: aftermath (photos, video)

Over new York swept a devastating storm: aftermath (photos, video)

Last night, June 19, over the States of new York and new Jersey was swept by a devastating storm.

Gusty winds, flooded streets, frightening lightning and fallen trees, residents of the two States share the photos and videos of the disaster in social networks.

A couple of hours ago.
Riverside Dr. @ 97th St. Was a lake.#Downpour #UpperWestSide #nyc #manhattan #floodnyc @CBS7News @ny1 @westsiderag pic.twitter.com/6iuzHBoW0d

— Gimo Nasiff (@GimoNasiff) June 20, 2017

So, on Broadway, Upper West Side 97th and 99th Riverside fell large trees. A huge tree also fell on a house in Hawthorne, new Jersey. At this point the homeowner was asleep, but he was not injured.

Tree fell on moving car at Riverside and 99th street. #uws @ABC7 @NY1 @westsiderag pic.twitter.com/FbKqM4mgEY

— Gimo Nasiff (@GimoNasiff) June 19, 2017

#iPhone7 pic.twitter.com/omtTLyDP2Z

— Humdrum Harv (@harvardheinous) June 19, 2017

Because heavy rains flooded the metro BD DeKalb Avenue in Brooklyn.

It’s raining INSIDE the DeKalb Ave station. FIX THE DAMN SUBWAYS @NYGovCuomo #MTAsucks #Cuomosucksmore pic.twitter.com/iGIMRdR7rP

— Peter Kayaian (@PKayaian) June 19, 2017

And when the storm passes over new York is spread a huge rainbow.

Purple rain, purple rain. ☔ I?? #nbc4ny pic.twitter.com/GIfRnvI73r

— Lauren Scala (@LaurenScala4NY) June 20, 2017

The rest of the week in new York will be warm, relatively quiet, but still wet weather. Places on Wednesday and Friday, possible showers, but until a new storm is not expected.