Amazon plans to replace cashiers with robots

Amazon plans to replace cashiers with robots

The stores Whole Foods, it seems, comes a massive wave of layoffs.

The web giant Amazon announced Friday that after the purchase trade network Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars, they will reduce the number of cashiersby automating their jobs for lower prices.

This step is part of the strategy of Amazon in relation to Whole Foods, aimed at attracting consumers with low and middle income. Amazon hopes to make shopping a chain of grocery stores luxury segment more competitive compared to Walmart and other retailers, mass market.

Cashiers at Whole Foods will replace the touch technology, which was first used in the Amazon Go in Seattle. In the new automated shopping for the full operation of the store will not need more than three workers. At Whole Foods the new system will allow customers to pay for purchases using their smartphone. Amazon believes that this step will help distinguish Whole Foods from a number of other retailers.

Amazon can also place some of their exclusive products to stores Whole Foods, replacing some of the most expensive brand products Whole Foods.