The second named hurricane Bud nears Mexico

Replaced «Aletta», the first season of the 2018 hurricane in the Eastern Pacific ocean, under the 4th category, there is new — «bad». According to forecasts, in the week this tropical storm may cause flooding in the Western part of Mexico.

«Aletta» was born as a tropical depression on June 5, Thursday, June 7, turned into a hurricane, and by Friday morning, June 8, in the ocean, hurricane 4th category. However, the next day, «Aletta» weakened to a tropical storm.

BREAKING NEWS — We now have our SECOND hurricane of the Eastern Pacific season, #Bud is now a Category One #hurricane as of Sunday afternoon. Will need to be monitored as it approaches the Baja Peninsula later this week. #tropics #mxwx

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) June 10, 2018

«Now we have formed a second hurricane in the East Pacific season; as podding Sunday «bad» is a hurricane 1 category. You need to watch for his approach this week to the Peninsula of Baja».

The threat from «Aletta» on the order declined, but in the same area of the Pacific ocean formed the second named storm was «bad». Late in the evening of 10 June, it turned into a storm with maximum sustained winds at 75 miles (121 km) per hour and gusts of 93 miles (150 km) per hour.

«Bad» moves in the North-West, gradually increases and approaches the coast of Mexico. Today from the state of Oaxaca to Jalisco will be showers and thunderstorms.

By mid-week «bad» come to the coast, so on Wednesday is expected to flood in the cities of Manzanillo, Tecomán and Stabbed.

«Instead of rolling to the West, the «bad» will continue to move North, to the Peninsula of Baja in Mexico. Despite the fact that later this week he will weaken significantly in the southwestern part of the United States can come tropical storms,» said AccuWeather meteorologist Courtney Spammer.

According to forecasts, the additional precipitation will not prevent the United States affected by drought, however, their abundance can create a new problem — floods.

In the current hurricane season, which began June 1, is expected to the birth of 12-15 tropical storms, 6-8 of them may develop into hurricanes, including 5 powerful.

Hurricane. Bud.

— Mxrk (@mxrk) June 11, 2018

«Hurricane «Bud».