In Missouri, the police asked the criminals not to break the law, because it is very cold outside

Law enforcement agencies of the city of Warrensburg (Missouri) decided very original way to fight crime.

For this they used modern technology, social network Facebook and a bit of courtesy. As a result, the page police Department Warrensburg (Warrensburg Police Department — WPD) post appeared, in which the police asked the criminals in the next few days do not break the law, because it is very cold outside.

So…we are asking a favor (at least for the next three days); can you keep the criminalling to a minimum? It is REALLY…

Posted by Warrensburg Police Department on Monday, January 28, 2019

«So… we are asking for a favor (at least for the next three days): You could reduce crime to a minimum? Really cold outside… so do yourself (and us) a favor… stay home. Be kind to each other and will review «say Yes to the Dress» (we heard from firefighters that it’s a really good show). Thank you,» reads the post.

Not responded to the message that the real criminals, but the people of the city this courtesy came to mind. Less than 2 days the message is distributed 7 thousand people. In the comments of a post, people celebrate the wit and humor of the one who is responsible for the page police Department Warrensburg.

It is worth noting that this week a lot of US residents have met with real winter and severe frosts. In some States, the temperature drops to -35 degrees Celsius. At the moment we know of at least two victims of the cold snap. This 55-year-old man from Wisconsin and a young guy from Minnesota.

Basically, frosts will affect regions such as Illinois, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota and parts of Missouri. Due to the cold snap, state authorities have canceled thousands of flights.