The storm has brought to Hawaii the snow and 20-foot waves (video)

This winter not only the Midwest and Seattle had to come face to face with the harsh weather. A powerful winter storm hit yesterday, February 10, at Hawaii, kicking up huge ocean waves, pulling a root trees and tearing power lines. In some places on the Islands even fell the snow.

According to forecasts from the National weather service, the storm will rage on the Islands and today, February 11.

Yesterday, Sunday, the wind gusts in some areas reached 70 miles (112 km) per hour. Residents of coastal areas were warned of the danger of floods. In the North-West of the Islands the storm raised in the ocean huge waves that could reach 40 to 60 feet (20 m).

«It’s incredibly dangerous. In some parts of the Honolulu water has flooded the road. This powerful winter storm, we haven’t seen,» said lifeguard Brian Phillips.

For the mountainous regions of Hawaii, snow is not unusual, but this time he was recorded on the island of Maui at the lowest altitude in the entire history of weather observations in the state.

Chasing snow in Hawaii 😍🥶

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Yesterday, firefighters and rescue workers only at one of Oahu went on a 112 call. The wind tore roofs off houses, felled trees and cut power lines.

Snow in Hawaii. (Maui) #HawaiianProblems

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During the storm seriously injured at least 2 people: a woman fell the tree, and the man in the car crashed into a pole.

Tens of thousands of Hawaiians were left without electricity. The storm damaged several cages at the Honolulu zoo, from one enclosure flew hornbills. They are still looking for.