Alessandra Biagi: driver’s license illegal immigrants will protect all

The legislature is considering a bill that would allow not to specify when obtaining the right immigration status, which will allow even unregistered immigrants to obtain licenses for driving.

A member of the Senate Alessandra Biagi believes that this law will make the roads in new York safer, citing the experience of other States.

Currently, 12 States, including California, new Mexico, Utah and Washington, have already adopted similar laws. Since there can be traced a lot of positive changes:

  • In new Mexico, after the adoption of the law in 2003, the number of uninsured vehicles has decreased almost 24%, and the number of deaths in road accidents dropped by 23%.
  • In Utah the number of uninsured vehicles decreased from 28% to 8%.
  • In California significantly decreased the number of accidents, saving Californians $3.5 million

Alessandra notes that for new York this question is particularly acute, because people living in rural and suburban areas of the state, due to the lack of public transport a car is not a luxury but a necessity. Because they can’t go to school, to work or to the doctor without a car. People without the ability to obtain a driver’s license, and therefore buying cars, the situation with transport baffles, greatly limiting their.

Besides, to obtain a license to drive immigrants have to pass tests and driver license exam. So, the number of accidents can be greatly reduced.

According to the Institute of tax policy, this bill would replenish the state budget by about $57 million in annual revenue, allowing 265 thousand illegal immigrants to pass the exams and get right.

According to the same study, it is expected that within three years will be bought and registered 97 thousand new cars that will improve the automotive industry in the state by 2.7%.

Alessandra Biaggi: Driver’s licenses for undocumented New Yorkers can boost safety for all

— Lohud Opinion (@LoHudOpinion) March 18, 2019

Michael Balboni, a Republican who worked in long island in the state Senate and a former employee of the national security Service, said that the law license will give law enforcement agencies more data about people actually living in new York, thanks to which will reveal more crimes.

A new license will be invalid for use in voter registration. They will be marked to indicate that they cannot be used for any purpose at the state level, including domestic flights.

Biaggi notes that undocumented new Yorkers already pay more than $1.1 billion in taxes every year.

According to Alessandra, the law will show that new York recognizes the enormous contribution that immigrants have made and continue to make, and create the conditions for more equal and accessible economy.