The most powerful tornadoes in the United States had raised the debris into the air to a height of 4 kilometers (photo)

The strongest tornado in Missouri was caught sleeping residents by surprise – a series of storms continues to rage across the state and neighboring Oklahoma and Kansas.

Around 23:30 hours on Wednesday, may 22, on the Jefferson city swept powerful tornado known as the «Wedge Tornadо» — a tornado in which the width of the funnel is larger than its height.

This one has been traveling from Oklahoma. It is getting closer and closer. We are hoping it goes north of us. It went north of Joplin on the 8th anniversary of the Joplin Tornado record. It is a large wedge tornado. Wish us luck!

— Finding Joy (@sinkinsorrow) May 23, 2019

According to the National weather service, the tornado was moving at a speed of 40 miles per hour and sent to the air the wreckage of buildings to a height of 13 000 feet (4000 meters).

«It was like an earthquake, said CNN local resident Cindy Sandoval-Jacobsen. – I grabbed my daughter and we managed to hide in the only room without Windows.»

According to preliminary information, no casualties, but the victims – tens, and the situation is chaotic, the police received dozens of reports that people are trapped in their homes because of the destruction.
The national weather service said that by Wednesday evening it has received 22 reports of tornadoes in Missouri. Five days in the territory of Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas were recorded 130 reports of tornadoes.

So sad to wake up and see the state capital of Missouri, Jefferson City, took a direct hit from a large wedge #tornado overnight. Reports of over 100 injured, unknown fatalities. Unbelievable damage in the city. The worst impact to a large city in recent years. #MOwx

— Beth Carpenter | TDS Weather (@B_Carp01) May 23, 2019

At the same time, the water level in the Arkansas river approached historic highs, increasing the water level of the already overflowing Missouri and Mississippi.

Police in Tulsa (state of Oklahoma) drives around the area near the dam, urging residents to be prepared for quick evacuation in case of area flooding due to water discharge, which should prevent the destruction of the dam.

Army corps of engineers produces 215 thousand cubic feet of water per second into the dam lake keystone because the water level here is at 29 feet above their quota.

The dam is located approximately 20 miles from Tulsa. City officials say residents should be ready to leave their homes if the situation worsens.

«Prepare clothes, medicines, documents, baby supplies. Charge your digital devices,» said the authorities of Tulsa.