In Washington, flooding due to rain: to be saved, drivers had to climb on the roof of the car

The national weather service reported that on the morning in Washington (D.C.) dropped from 7-10 cm of rainfall.

The rain caught some residents by surprise, when they went to work that morning. A warning about sudden flooding was released about 13:45.

The rain has led to the fact that drivers stuck on the road in their cars and were forced to climb on the car roof to escape the flood. And some metro passengers are unable to get to the station because of the water that was dripping from the ceiling.

This is Washington DC because of flooding rains. So if you live in Mumbai, and there is water logging, just salute the power of nature. Don’t criticise the government for extreme acts of nature.

— Vasu (@vasudevan_k) July 8, 2019

Just peering off the terrace of my ark … er ART Transit bus.

— Lauren Boyer (@laurenboyer) July 8, 2019

«Travel will be EXTREMELY dangerous, warned the national weather service on Twitter. — Stay away from low areas, if you are in a low area which may be flooded, look for higher ground. Keep off the roads if at all possible. It’s not «normal» flooding.»

Press Secretary Amtrak Jason Abrams told CNN that about 10:20 6 trains was stopped on the railroad tracks South of Alexandria (Virginia).

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@capitalweather Four Mile Run is officially raging #Alexandria

— A & V Massaro (@MassaroXV) July 8, 2019

The rain flooded the main electrical room in the National archives which I had to close the building. The national archives is home to the Declaration of independence, Constitution and bill of rights. All these documents safe, according to National archives and documentation.

Extremely heavy rain continuing across the district of Columbia (Virginia).