The administration of the trump intends to deport from the United States 1 million illegal immigrants

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is ready to deport around a million illegal immigrants.

«They are just ready to fulfill its mission, which is to find and detain, and then deport approximately one million people, which finally sentenced to deportation from the country,» said July 7, the acting Director of Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) Kenneth Thomas Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli, a supporter of tough immigration services, headed by the Agency last month, said that the ICE in its sole discretion determines who of those who have received a final deportation order will still be sent.

Last month trump announced that ICE agents «will begin to deport millions of illegal aliens, infiltrated into the United States.» But the reporting Agency says that the number will be in the «thousands».

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The operation, which, according to ICE, would send «a strong signal» of deterrence to potential migrants in Central America who are considering travel to the border of USA and Mexico, it is expected that the government will conduct a series of raids in major cities for the detention and deportation of families.