An island in the Bahamas, where the lives of 50 thousand people, 70% under water after hurricane Dorian

According to the government of the Bahamas, the island, home to 50,000 people, after hurricane «Dorian» , the 5th category is under water by 70%.

[email protected] shares these images of Grand Bahama Island— on the left a satellite image taken on Monday at 11:44aET, on the right an image from Google Maps of the same regions of Grand Bahama Island prior to Hurricane Dorian:

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According to the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas Kevin Peter Turnquest, on the island of Grand Bahama are continuing rescue mission, and it is not known yet how many more will continue.

«It looks very bad, we expected catastrophic damage,» said Turnquest.

Seaports and airports on Grand Bahama and surrounding Islands of Abaco flooded or damaged, which makes it difficult to rescue people cut off by flood waters.

The national emergency management Agency sent out «urgent appeals» for owners of jet skis, small boats, trucks, and buses, so they gathered in the shopping centre on Grand Bahama to assist in the rescue operation.

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The U.S. coast guard and Royal Navy of great Britain had sent to the aid of ships.

More pics of the devastation #Dorian2019 left! ##AbacoIslands #dorianbahamas

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Currently, the «Dorian» moves in the North-West of the archipelago with a speed of about 5 mph, according to the national centre on hurricanes of the USA. He still potentially faces the East coast of the US, in particular – both Carolina.

The Bahamas is aware of 7 deaths during a hurricane, but the national security Minister Marvin Daims said that this figure is likely to rise.

According to estimates of humanitarian assistance in the Bahamas was damaged or destroyed about 13,000 homes.

According to Ryan Truhaut, President of the consulting firm in the field of meteorology Weather Tiger in Tallahassee (Florida), the damage from «Dorian gray» may be the most powerful of all the storms that ever raged in the Atlantic ocean.