6 tropical storms at the same time: Meteorologists recorded a new record

According to forecasters, Wednesday was for weather events by day of these records.

Over the Atlantic and South Pacific pool managed to fix the 6 tropical storms: Imelda, Jerry, Kiko, Umberto, Lauren and Mario. This is a record number of storms, at the same time observed over these areas in recent years — and the first time in 5 years, when the wind speed from 3 storms, was not less than 60 km/h.

At that time, as Umberto and Kiko passed over the Atlantic and over the South Pacific swimming pool route Imelda over and Jerry took place only over the Atlantic, and Mario and Lorena — over the South Pacific. Four Champions emerged only on Tuesday.

For the first time since 2014, the eastern North Pacific (to 140°W) has three named storms with max winds of at least 60 mph simultaneously. #hurricane #Kiko #Mario #Lorena pic.twitter.com/zW4iUfWwD3

— Philip Klotzbach (@philklotzbach) September 18, 2019

«[The storms] breed like cockroaches! jokes Eric Blake of the National hurricane center is 6 for the 1st time — a new modern record NHC».

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Anyone want a tropical storm? They are forming like roaches out there! 6 at once in both basins combined is thought to tie a modern record NHC , with two other disturbances adding the cherries on top of a crazy busy day! pic.twitter.com/yIi9PHIKSn

— Eric Blake 🌀 (@EricBlake12) September 17, 2019

The last time such figures were recorded in September 1992. It is on the peak of weather activity for both basins.

«Of course, this happens infrequently, says Weather Channel meteorologist Danielle banks — but also an unprecedented situation can not be called».