In upstate new York earthquake

This morning, March 11, occurred an earthquake with magnitude of 3.1 points in South Glens falls in Saratoga County (state of new York), North of Albany.

According to the U.S. Geological survey (USGS), the earthquake epicenter was located South-West of the South Glens falls at a depth of 8.2 miles.

Although at the moment there are no reports of damage or injuries, according to local residents, they «woke up from the shaking» and heard a «loud rumble».

Sam Hester, a reporter for WNYT channel, tweeted:

«This morning I talked to the police in South Glens falls and with the Sheriff’s office Saratoga County. No reports of any injuries on the roads after the earthquake. I’m on the lookout for that!».

One resident of South Glens falls said:

«It sounded like a dump truck crashed into the building. According to my husband, it was like a subway train. Was quite scary, we went outside, thinking that we will see damage. Our neighbor and her boyfriend also felt something like a sonic boom, my eardrums still hurt».

As said a resident of Saratoga springs, he thought that the truck crashed near his house – rattled the glass in the Windows.

Although new York is rarely a strong earthquake, previous research has shown that the Big Apple may be at particular risk of fracture due to its population and infrastructure.

«New York is not as prone to earthquakes as California and Japan, but they happen, and to ignore this risk, given gustosamente city, no,» said Lynn R. Sykes, Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences and environment at Columbia University.