Hurricane Ida hits New York, causing historic flooding

Hurricane Ida hits New York, causing historic flooding

Hurricane "Ida&# 34;, which raged on August 30 in Louisiana and Mississippi, weakened to a post-tropical storm, but made it to New York and New Jersey, causing severe flooding. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

Hurricane hits New York, there are casualties

US President Joe Biden has already addressed the nation.

New York flooded due to hurricane "Ida" Hurricane Ida hits New York, causing historic flooding

According to the latest data, the hurricane caused the death of 46 people. In New York, the victims of the elements were people who lived on the basement floors. 16 bodies were recovered from flooded basements and overturned cars. Another 23 people died in New Jersey. It is known that a tree fell on the house of one of them, and another drowned in the car. Another 5 deaths were recorded in Pennsylvania and one each in Maryland and Connecticut. State of emergency declared in New York and New Jersey.

Hurricane Ida hits New York, causing historic flooding

According to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, most of the dead were people caught in the flood while driving.

"Please pray for them and their families. And let's hope that number doesn't grow," — he addressed the Americans during a press conference.

"The danger is not over yet. Please stay off the roads," — urged the governor.

Hurricane Ida hits New York, causing historic flooding

At the moment, the streets of New York are flooded, cars and even buses have gone under water. Due to flooding, the work of the city subway was suspended. New York Governor Kathy Hokul said Central Park received 8cm of rain in just one hour, a record.

"No one knew that between 8:50 pm and 9:50 pm last night, the skies would open up and Niagara Falls would pour onto the streets of New York," — she said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency due to the fact that for a short time New York had a monthly rainfall. According to him, the metropolis is experiencing "a weather cataclysm of historic proportions".

A torrent of water poured into a New York subway station Wednesday night as remnants of #HurricaneIda unleashed dangerous flash floods and tornadoes across the Northeast

— CNN (@CNN) September 2, 2021

Speaking at the White House Thursday, US President Joe Biden said Hurricane "Ida", wildfires and floods speak of a climate crisis. He promised to call on Congress to take action, including serious funding for infrastructure and power systems.

"We should be better prepared. We need to act" Biden urged.

According to him, investments will make the state more resilient to the threat of flooding and other elements. The President promised to provide emergency assistance to the governors of New York, New Jersey and other states, and also expressed condolences to the families of the dead people.

"This is one of the greatest problems today. But I'm sure we can handle it" Biden addressed the nation. "We are together. The country is ready to help!"

Hurricane Ida hits New York, causing historic flooding

Friday, September 3rd, the President will visit Louisiana to meet with Governor John Bel Edwards to discuss storm relief efforts. He assured that the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other agencies will work around the clock until the needs of the region are fully met.

Due to large-scale flooding, hundreds of flights were also canceled at John F. Kennedy International Airport, the airport LaGuardia and Newark, located in the neighboring state of New Jersey. The NYPD is banning drivers from the roads, except for those working in emergency services. Firefighters report calls from different neighborhoods in New York. There is also evidence that Hurricane "Ida" moving north on the US East Coast.

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