North Korea accidentally hit by a missile on his own city

North Korea accidentally hit by a missile on his own city

28 April 2017 North Korea launched a ballistic missile Hwasong-12/KN17, which shortly after collapsed in the city Tokhon, located near the country’s capital Pyongyang.

On Wednesday, the magazine The Diplomat said that a ballistic missile of intermediate range, which was launched in Korea last spring, accidentally fell in the city of Tokchon, which has a population more than 200 thousand people. This incident has caused significant damage to the complex industrial and agricultural buildings. While it is not known whether the victims in the accident, but state and local media have not reported about the victims of the accident.

North Korea accidentally hit by a missile on his own city

According to an anonymous source from the US government, which spoke with the media due to a malfunction of the engine shot flew in for one minute about 25 miles before the collision with the ground.

As the arguments of the source refers to satellite images, which show the damage and the wreckage of the rocket after the failed launch. According to the publication, the potential for such accidents occurring in Pyongyang, the capital, or other populated areas, remains high.

Since August of last year, North Korea launched two ballistic missiles, both of which flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific ocean. The Diplomat suggested that the next missile may prematurely explode over the neighboring country, which is under the patronage of the United States that «would cause a serious crisis in northeast Asia.»


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