South Korea and North Korea will hold high-level talks

South Korea and North Korea will hold high-level talks

North Korea accepted the offer of South Korea on holding talks, which are mainly affected by the question of the organization of the winter Olympic games. It is expected that the sides will reach an agreement concerning the waiver of provocation at the time of the Games and the participation of the delegation of athletes from North Korea in the Olympics. It is also planned to discuss «other issues of mutual interest». The high-level meeting will be held January 9 in Panmunjom, a city on the border of the two States.

The administration of the President of South Korea on Tuesday first proposed the negotiations. The South Korean head of state said that he intends to obtain consultancy assistance from the United States about the upcoming communication.

The upcoming summit gives hope for the establishment of a certain peaceful dialogue with the DPRK. One of the reasons for such encouraging projections is the statement of the leader of North Korea , Kim Jong-UN, made on Monday, of the intention to send a delegation of athletes to participate in winter Olympics in South Korea’s Pyeongchang.


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