Russia accused Israel in the attack on airbase in Syria

Russian and Syrian military forces said that Israeli planes made a strike on Syrian airbase on Monday, April 9. This happened after President Donald trump warned about «the great price paid by» those who are behind the use of poisonous gas in rebel town of Duma.

Syrian activists reported that Saturday, April 7, was the brutal chemical attack on rebel-controlled city Council. According to the Union of medical relief organizations, as a result of the incident killed at least 70 people.

The next day, the President of trump warned that the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Iran can pay a «big price» for supporting «animal» of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

And I do not have time to go through the first day, as there was a message about a new missile strike. Russia has said that the airstrike on a base of the T-4 made, two Israeli F-15 that flew from Lebanese territory. Syrian state media quoted a military source also said that Israel launched 8 missiles, 5 of which were shot down.