Durov: Telegram for locking the U.S. will be able to obtain more personal data of Russians

Today, on April 16 entered into force the decision of the Tagansky district court of Moscow on the territory of the Russian Federation now there is no access to Telegram. In this regard, the founder blocked instant messenger and social network «Vkontakte» Pavel Durov shared their «predictions» about the effects of blocking Telegram.

According to Durov, the terrorist threat in Russia remains at former level, but national security may suffer. Because personal information of Russians fall into the hands of the Americans after many of them go on WhatsApp and Facebook, which are controlled by the United States.

In his message of Pavel Durov also said that he and his team will continue «to defend the right to privacy of correspondence».

Roskomnadzor, who won a lawsuit against the company Telegram, can also limit access to the tools to bypass the blocking of the messenger, whom in a Network there are already hundreds. The easiest way, as mentioned by himself Durov, is the use of VPN services. By the way, 30 APR popular of them — Opera VPN — announced the termination of its work.

Earlier in the Kremlin said that I would not like to block the Telegram, but will be forced to do it.