Media Syria: US airstrike on al-Hari — killed 52 people

Today, June 18, the Syrian official media said that the fighter coalition led by the USA, attacked the positions of Assad’s army in the East. In the result , 52 people were killed, many people injured.

According to army sources referenced by the Syrian media, the airstrike was inflicted on the village of al-Hari, South-East of the city of Abu Kamal.

Reuters has learned that drones are «probably American» bombed positions of the Syrian army, and Iraqi military groups between Abu Kamal and al-TANF, where there is a military base of international coalition.

Military who are not Syrian, on condition of anonymity, confirmed to the media the fact of death, but did not specify the death toll. Syrian monitoring centre for human rights (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights — SOHR) claims that due to an air strike killed 52 people. However, according to observers, unidentified aircraft attacked the troops of the Lebanese Shiite organization Hezbollah and other foreign militias in the area of Abu Kamal.

In turn, the representative of the U.S. Central command told Reuters that «no member of the coalition led by the USA have not attacked Sochi».

Last week Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview that the United States is an occupying state, therefore, the Syrian government supports «any act of resistance, whether against terrorists or against the occupation forces, irrespective of their nationality».

A few days ago, the US State Department said that in the night of 7 to 8 June, Russia launched air strikes on Syrian village Sardan. The attack killed 44 people, including 6 children. Press Secretary of the Department of state Heather Nauert demanded that Russia «immediately to stop the senseless killing of civilians».