Around 1,300 migrants from Honduras are heading to the US border

Yesterday (October 13) the caravan of migrants, including women carrying babies on hand, went from Honduras to the United States. This happened after Washington urged the President of the Central American countries to stop the mass migration.

The so-called caravan suddenly began to grow on Friday, October 12, after local media reported about 160 migrants from San Pedro Sula, which for security reasons have decided to come together, then to leave the city.

Dunya Montoya, volunteer, help immigrants, said that every day people are leaving Honduras, but for the first time this happens in public.

«I believe that we will get to the United States. In Honduras there is no work and you live in constant fear that they will kill you or your children,» said 35-year-old Fanny Barahona, an unemployed teacher who wants to try their luck in the United States along with nine-year-old son and two year old daughter.

31-year-old Maria Dolores Moreno told the Washington Postthat he hopes to find a job – any job – anywhere in the United States.

«We want the American dream,» said she.

About 1,300 people have joined a so-called «March of migrants». They plan to go from San Pedro Sula in Northern Honduras through Guatemala to get to Mexico, says the organizer of the March, Bartolo Fuentes. In Mexico they want to ask for refugee status or obtain a visa for crossing the border with the United States.

New Migrant Caravan Headed For the US Border

— Gaby (@gabymixH) October 14, 2018

On Thursday (October 11) Vice-President Mike Pence met in Washington with the presidents of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and told them that the White house is willing to help countries in economic development and provide additional investment if they are to work hard to fight against illegal migration, corruption and gang violence.

More than 64% of households in Honduras live in poverty, and in San Pedro Sula – one of the highest homicide rates in the world. According to a recent survey conducted by the Center for the study of immigration problems, lack of economic prospects is the main reason why citizens want to leave. In second place – violence.

In April, the attention of the media to such caravan of migrants prompted trump to take a zero-tolerance policy against illegal immigration, insisting on tougher border security and demanding that such groups were denied entry.