In Indonesia the plane crashed in the sea found the bodies of 6 of 189

Today, 29th October, about 6.30, a passenger plane of Lion Air crashed into the Java sea. The crash occurred just a few minutes after the departure of the liner from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

The crash site is about 15 km from the coast — working team of rescuers. According to them, signs that someone survived the crash, no. On Board were 189: 181 passengers, including 3 children and 8 crew members.

The Indonesian authorities have not yet made an official statement regarding the victims.

The rescuers managed to find and raise up the human remains of 6 people, and part of the fuselage and personal belongings of passengers.

Debris and personal effects from Lion Air flight JT 610 brought to port in Jakarta. @abcnews #indonesia

— Anne Barker (@AnneABarker) October 29, 2018

Boeing 737 MAX 8 was almost completely different: he started to fly in August.

According to official information, the plane lost contact with the dispatcher about 13 minutes after takeoff — shortly after the pilot asked permission to return to base.

Lion Air plane carrying 178 passengers crashes into sea shortly after take-off from Jakarta #indonesia #JT610

— Ahmed Numen (@AhmedNumen) October 29, 2018

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has ordered the Commission on transportation safety to conduct an investigation and urged people to «continue to pray» for the country.

«We are waiting for a miracle from God,» — said the Deputy head of the National emergency management Agency , Nugroho Budi Wiryantowhen asked if there was any hope that someone survived. According to him, at the crash site employs about 300 people, including soldiers, police and local fishermen.

Family members and relatives of Lion Air JT 610 crash victims, are great distress and sorrow. Heart wrenching scene in Indonesia. #LionAir #LionAircrash #Indonesia

— Ind Samachar (@indsamachar) October 29, 2018

According to the Indonesian Agency of meteorology, the weather conditions were safe for flying. The President of Lion Air Edward Sirait reported that Boeing was «technical problem» during the previous flight from Bali to Jakarta. According to the representative, the aircraft was repaired, and he was fit to fly.

In the us, Boeing has stated that they are «deeply saddened» by the accident and is ready to provide any technical assistance in the investigation.

Security experts say that almost all accidents in the air caused by a combination of factors and rarely have a single cause.