«Chernobyl vodka»: produced crafty drink from cultures grown in the exclusion Zone

33 years later after the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power station have turned the Pripyat and the surrounding area in the exclusion zone, scientists have made the first product from this area: kraftova vodka.

Vodka ATOMIK was produced from crops grown on the farm within Chernobyl zone.

Jim Smith, Professor at Portsmouth University in the UK, called vodka «the most important bottle of liquor in the world.»

«Because it can help the economic recovery of communities in the neglected areas and around them,» — said the head of the project.

«Chernobyl vodka»: produced crafty drink from cultures grown in the exclusion ZonePhoto: University of Portsmouth

The team wants to donate 75% of profits from the sale ATOMIK to help the communities affected by the disaster in 1986.

During the three years of the experiment the researchers found that the radioactivity in fermented grain. But since distillation reduces any impurities, the only nuclear particles that were in the finished product, became the natural carbon-14. Its content – on the same level as any other liquor.

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«We welcome this initiative on the use of abandoned lands to help local communities — said the first Deputy head of the State Agency of Ukraine for managing the exclusion zone Oleg Nasvit. — It is important that we do everything possible to support the restoration of normal life in these areas, and at the same time, always put safety first.»

The company «Chernobyl alcohol» hopes to start a small production ATOMIK this year.

Analytical testing of water and alcohol distillate was carried out by the Ukrainian hydrometeorological Institute, University radioanalytic Southampton, Portsmouth geological and environmental laboratory, and independent laboratory testing of wines and spirits.

«I would call it a high-quality brew, said Nasvit. – Feel the taste of our unique methods of distillation. I like».