Doctors in Wuhan sleep on the floor, and on the faces — injuries from the constant wear masks

Photos from China show how exhausted the medical team in Wuhan, who treat patients with the coronavirus.

The photographs published in social networks, doctors have strong markings on her skin from wearing masks to protect against the new disease.

Local media reported that the medical staff is based in Wuhan, in Hubei province in Eastern China, is on his feet without stopping. According to eyewitnesses, many health workers are so exhausted that often the end of the day, sleeping on hospital chairs and on the floor, before starting a new shift.

Doctors in Wuhan sleep on the floor, and on the faces — injuries from the constant wear masksPhoto: Oriental Daily

According to local media reports, the medical brigade is so busy that they have almost no time to eat or go to the toilet. In addition, they also have to wear heavy protective gear tightly secured with masks and glasses to prevent infection.

In addition to mental and emotional stress, many physicians on the face and body remain blisters, sores and scabs because of this equipment.

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The death toll due to the global outbreak of coronavirus continues to grow: the Chinese authorities have reported more than 500 deaths.

In the USA the number of confirmed cases of Chinese coronavirus as of February 6 – 12 people. They all traveled in China. Cases have been recorded in California (6), and Chicago (Illinois), Arizona, Washington, and the most recent case in Wisconsin. We add that the patient from Washington is already on the mend. In new York any one case was not confirmed.