«Gimp Man», the other residents of a British village, still at large

A mysterious intruder that night attacks on the villagers of Somerset (Claverham, UK) and demonstrates bizarre sexual gestures, so still not been found, despite a massive police operation.

Gimp Man ‘still on the loose’ despite police helicopter search and two arrests https://t.co/v7sj0aTxZ0 pic.twitter.com/uoaQGJDk3P

— Daily Star (@dailystar) February 10, 2020

Local residents are afraid at night to go out, because somewhere in the dark, they can wait for the attacker in a black latex body suit. As reported by the SUN, he manages to avoid arrest for almost 2 years, despite 14 reports of incidents filed with the police.

Named «Gimp Man» frightened villagers, the man in the latex several times attacked residents of Somerset. Almost every time he ran before anyone could stop him or ask why he is terrorizing the village.

23-year-old hairdresser abi Conroy said that she had faced this man, who, in her words, «he was wheezing and panting».

Boxing fan says he had pub car park scrap with a latex-clad gimp suit man: Cameron Graham was leaving a pub in Yatton, Somerset, when he says he saw the latex-clad man, who looked similar to one who allegedly attacked 23-year-old Abi Conroy last week… https://t.co/JwMzQRANj8 pic.twitter.com/Sntn6Gir7p

— Patrick (@cahulaan) August 5, 2019

For the first time on the assailant told local residents in November 2018, and the latest incident reported by Conroy, occurred in July of last year.

Abi said, «He continued to approach me by touching his groin, gasping and panting. When I tried to take a step back, he was right in front of my face and put forward the leg forward. I thought, «now I will attack». It’s not just a man who jumps out at you and says «Boo!». Every time I close my eyes I see that creepy face».

The girl says she is struggling to come to terms with the thought of this «terrible» meeting.

«It was a huge shock, I didn’t know I was awake or not,’ said abi. -If I could talk to him now, I’d like to know why he’s doing it makes. I wish he knew how much it was scary.»

After the search operation involving a police helicopter and police dogs were arrested two men on suspicion that they are notorious «Gimp Man», but both were released without charges.

Recently, the «Gimp Man» began to appear less frequently. This may be the result of beating Amateur latex last summer. On the way home from the pub Amateur boxer Cameron Graham stumbled upon the infamous man, and, in his words, «kicked him in the face, and then in the stomach».