Kim Jong-UN is seriously ill: his death could lead to a refugee crisis and military intervention

Rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is seriously ill, has raised fears that his death destabilizie the region and lead to the crisis of refugees who will travel to the USA, South Korea and other countries.

Questions about the health of dictator began after he missed the April 15 celebration of 108 years since the birth of his grandfather, the North Korean state founder Kim Il sung.

Wednesday, April 22, local media published the comments Kim, not to mention about its current whereabouts.

Although Kim is not named a successor or apparent heir, his younger sister is a senior official of the ruling party, Kim Jeong — could be his successor.

However, some experts believe that the collective leadership that can put an end to dynastic rule of a family, is also possible.

Lieutenant-General of South Korea Chun In-Bum said in an interview with the Times that the absence of a designated heir means that there will be «chaos, human suffering, instability.»

The lack of a clear successor could lead to the collapse of the regime, which the United States and South Korea must be ready to handle.

According to David Maxwell, Colonel of the special forces retired and senior researcher at think tank the Foundation for defense of democracies, «in North Korea is unfolding humanitarian catastrophe» caused by the pandemic coronavirus.

«South Korea, China and Japan will have to deal with potential large-scale refugee flows, he said. — North Korean people’s army will fight for resources and survival. This will lead to internal conflict between departments and can develop into widespread civil war.»

And, in spite of such inner turmoil, North Korea’s military will continue to fight for the defense of the nation.

«Because North Korea is a guerrilla dynasty, built on the myth of anti-Japanese guerrilla war, we can expect a large number of military (1.2 million combat forces and 6 million reserves) will resist any foreign intervention, including South Korea,» — said Maxwell.