The President of Mexico called on the cartels to concentrate on stopping crime, not helping during a pandemic

On Monday the President of Mexico, andrés Manuel lópez Obrador said that the cartels have to concentrate on stopping criminal activities and not for distribution to the needy of packets required during a pandemic, goods.

These criminal organizations, which were seen in the distribution of packages does not help.» said Lopez Obrador told a news conference. «What will help is when they cease to do their bad deeds.»

The President believes that criminals in the first place needs to stop hurting other people. Only for 2019, the first full year of the reign of Lopez Obrador in Mexico, there were 34 582 of the murder.

The President’s comments followed reports that Alejandrina Guzman — the daughter of a notorious drug Lord Joaquin «El Chapo» Guzman and other Mexican cartel distribute aid packages from the coronavirus across the country. Alejandrina uses his company 701 El Chapo for packing and shipping boxes of food, masks, hand soap and other necessities needed during a pandemic that are in the vicinity of Guadalajara called «Provisions Chapo».

The boxes with supplies as well as masks the company’s employees are in the packaging and delivery of goods caused the logo with the image of El Chapo.

As of Tuesday, April 21, in Mexico was confirmed 8772 case COVID-19 and 712 deaths from the disease.