Kim Jong-UN has a twin? New photographs of North Korean leader noticed a strange spot

New photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN has excited the conspiracy theorists who are convinced that the policy is double.

Saturday, may 2, Kim Jong-UN for the first time in 20 days appeared in public at the opening of the fertilizer factories. State media released images and video of 36-year-old leader of the DPRK during the ribbon-cutting — dispel growing rumors that he is either gravely ill or already dead.

But looking at the photos, many suspect that they are not personally Kim Jong-UN, and very similar to his people. Internet users began to notice differences in facial features, hair and teeth of the head of North Korea.

«A well-known fact that Kim uses doubles,» writes International Business Times (IBT). In 2017, the Sun newspaper published a video that shows what the dictator is talking with some of them.

Right is the real #KimJongUn. Left is the version that appeared the other day

— woppa 🎗😷 (@Woppa1Woppa) May 2, 2020

Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng was the first who drew attention to the differences between the two «versions» of Kim. Soon the entire Internet picked up this theory.

«Broken cutter — definitely a defining feature, it’s not Kim Jong UN, wrote the user SeptAugustus. — So why double? If he is dead, why not just announce it and not to crown a successor?»