In the result the Israeli air strike in Eastern Syria killed 14 soldiers

Israel attacked in Eastern Syria — in the air strikes killed 14 Iranian and Iraqi combatants, the rest were injured, some of them in serious condition. I told the opposition group’s military monitoring.

Syrian monitoring centre for human rights, located in Britain, reported that airstrikes on the Eastern province of Deir El-Zour, committed on 4 may, was aimed at the position of Iranian and Iranian-backed militants. At the moment Israel has not yet commented on the situation, reports Fox News.

On Monday, the state news Agency of Syria reported that Israeli attacks were made on military depots in the district of Safira, South of Aleppo, located in the North of the country. However, the report did not mentioned about the strikes on Del El Zura.

14 Iranians and #Iran-backed militants were killed in the alleged #Israeli airstrikes in Deir Ezzor in eastern #Syria last night, according to SOHR. The death toll is expected to rise as injuries were reported with some in critical conditions.

— The Jerusalem Post (@Jerusalem_Post) May 5, 2020

Recently it became known about the supposed Israeli attack in Syria, the latest of which happened last week. The Syrian military and state media reported Israeli war planes flying over Lebanon, which produced a missile aviudary on areas near the Syrian capital Damascus. The attack killed three civilians.

Israel rarely gives comments on such reports, although Israeli authorities have repeatedly recognized that the responsibility for air strikes on Syria during the nine-year conflict. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in August stated that Iran does not have immunity and the Israeli armed forces «to act — and currently are — against them.»