Doctors — new superheroes: Banksy has painted a new picture about the real heroes of our time

A new picture of a mysterious street artist Banksy appeared at the hospital, Southampton General Hospital.

The picture that is a bit different from many other works of the artist, was posted, with the assistance of the management of the hospital – in the lobby near the emergency.

The picture, which is written in black and white colors supplemented with only 1 red cross reaches the size of 1 square meter and shows a little boy sitting on his knees near a trash can. He’s wearing a shirt and overalls. In his hand he holds his «hero» nurse of the National health system of great Britain, while his former heroes – spider-Man and Batman – are forgotten in the waste basket. Hand nurses is elongated in a classic move of Superman during his flight. The already mentioned red cross is the only bright spot on her form. The nurse is wearing the mask, which is part of her uniform.

The meaning of the picture is pretty obvious, and we all can relate.

The artist also left a message for the people who are working around the clock in the hospital. It said: «Thank you for all that you do. I hope the picture will slightly brighten up the place, despite the fact that she is black and white.»

It is planned that the painting will be in the hospital until the autumn, after which it will be removed and put up for auction to raise funds for charity organizations of the National health system of great Britain.

Paul head, chief Executive officer, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, said: «Our hospital is directly affected by the tragic loss of beloved and respected members of our staff and friends. The fact that Banksy chose us to celebrate the contribution of physicians in this unprecedented time is a great honour.» She added: «It will be very appreciate everyone at the hospital, as people will be able to capture a moment in their busy lives to stop and appreciate this piece of art. This also will definitely be incentive for all those working and treated in our hospital.»

This Banksy work is different in that it was written after obtaining permission, and not directly on the wall, but we can all agree that the artist went very well.