Louis Vuitton launches over $ 900 face shield

Louis Vuitton launches over $ 900 face shield

Louis Vuitton has announced plans to create an «eye-catching» face shield with LV branding. And of course, such a luxurious coronavirus protection comes at a price.

The company claims the beautiful accessory will set you back $ 961. The visor will be released as part of the 2021 Cruise Collection, which will be available in stores worldwide on October 30.

The face shield has a monogrammed elastic strap and gold LV studs. According to Vanity Fair, it can be flipped over and worn like a pointed hat. In addition, it is equipped with transition lens technology, so it can change its appearance from clear to dark depending on the level of sunlight.

This is not the first time that the company is contributing to the fight against the pandemic. Louis Vuitton previously announced that it will repurpose several workshops in France to produce «hundreds of thousands of non-surgical face masks» for healthcare professionals.