Hackers stole a copy of «Pirates of the Caribbean» and demand ransom from Walt Disney

Hackers stole a copy of «Pirates of the Caribbean» and demand ransom from Walt Disney

Chairman and chief Executive officer of Walt Disney Robert iger announced on Monday, may 15, that studios are threatened by hackers who request a ransom. Otherwise, they promised to lay out in free access a copy of one of the movies highly successful franchise «pirates of the Caribbean».

The «issue price» remains unknown, but as said iger, the amount is «huge». Sending the necessary amount of money the criminals demand to carry through peer-to-peer electronic payment system Bitcoin.

The Director did not mention what movie in the popular franchise threatens to «sink», but apparently, we are talking about the new fifth part, entitled ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’. Premiere already took place in China on 11 may 2017, but in other countries the film will be released in the official rental between 24th may and in the US on 26 may.

If the threat is real, that soon, many Internet users will be able to watch some episodes for free and online. Hackers gave the word to put first, a five-minute clipping of a picture, and then if their demands are not satisfied, they will publish another 20 minutes of the film.

According to iger, Walt Disney is not going to yield: the company has already connected to the Federal investigation service in the USA.

It is worth noting that a few weeks ago, a similar attack had been and Netflix is the largest supplier of TV series based on streaming media. Guide Netflix refused to pay, which resulted in premature emergence of a network of ten new episodes of the American series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ for a month and a half before its official release.