United Airlines: leaked access codes to the cockpit

United Airlines: leaked access codes to the cockpit

On Saturday, may 13, one of the largest American carriers United Airlines has notified all of its pilots that the secret codes needed to open the cockpit of the plane, were published on a public web site.

According to one of the pilots, the incident was the fault of the flight attendant, but his actions were not intentional. The airline also confirmed that the violation of the security measures was not the result of hacking and not delayed or cancelled flights.

Maddy king, a spokeswoman for United Airlines, said the airline has begun to change the codes on all of their aircraft. This procedure is not particularly difficult, since such a measure is quite often to provide protection.

However, the safety of the cockpit does not depend on mere information but, for security reasons. King did not specify what exactly is included in a number of alternative ways to access the cabins.

United Airlines is a member of the largest international pilots Union. And on behalf of the International Association of pilots, the company said that for the better protection of the cabin requires the installation of secondary barriers in all passenger aircraft. The Association has long insisted that it is a necessity. The cost of each of the barriers is rather small – about $5,000, so the Union went to Congress to obtain authorization to perform the appropriate action.