The Americans called Wegman’s favourite supermarket

In any supermarket, the freshest produce and the friendliest employees? Every American has the answer. Company Market Force Information conducted on-line survey, using a proven system definition of loyalty, and the winner was Wegman’s.

According to a study conducted in all States, most favorite grocery store among Americans is Wegman’s, which scored 77% for the loyalty index. Second place with a small separation took the Publix, scoring 76%. Third place went to Trader Joe’s, gaining 75%. Close and five winners ALDI and HEB, who scored 70% and 69%. Safeway and Walmart ranked last in the rankings with their 42% and 34%. These results are reported at Market Force Information.

The survey polled more than 12 thousand customers of different ages who live in different regions of America have different levels of income. About 52% of the respondents own household with profitability in excess of $50 thousand per year. Among the respondents, 78%women, and 22%men.

Publix and Wegman’s called the clean, and their products most conveniently located. Trader Joe scored the most points for the fastest paying at the checkout and the cashiers are polite.

At Wegman’s just 96 stores in the States of new Jersey, new York and Pennsylvania. For those who live far from the network, their victory, apparently, will not be a surprise. Network Wegman’s appeared in new York in 1916, and today the enthusiastic clients this network has created a kind of cult. Some fans for sandwich this institution is ready to make quite a long trip. Victory Wegman’s has provided high scores for the «fresh products, reasonable prices and spacious stores.»

The survey was also put as its aim to find out whether customers like to use the service delivery sets of productsthat are offered by grocery stores. It turned out that 83% of respondents completely refused from this idea. However, the most popular was the service Blue Apron, which delivers kits to prepare all kinds of dishes to customers at home.