«Hammer» is back on the market for cars and now electric (video)

«Hammer»when something is a real «red rag» for the environmental returns. But this time he will not burn the fuel, or disposing of greenhouse gases.

Thursday, January 30, the company General Motors has announced that it will begin to sell the Hummer truck battery-powered in September 2021.

Part of the new Hummer will be shown in a 30-second television commercial with basketball star LeBron James during Sunday’s super bowl.

GM provided few details about the truck, which will be officially unveiled on 20 may.

He will have a huge battery to generate the equivalent of 1,000 horsepower and can accelerate from zero to 60 mph (97 kph) in three seconds.

«The truck will be sold badged as GMC Hummer EV. The new version will have design elements similar to the old, but will not be like the «hammer» of the past», — said the press-Secretary GM Michelle Malcho.

GM has not announced the price of the new car and what distance can do the «hammer» on one battery charge.

Earlier this week GM announced that the truck will be produced at the plant in Detroit (Michigan), which rekonstruiruet to become a major manufacturer of electrical GM trucks and even Autonomous electric Shuttle.

The company said it will invest $2.2 billion in upgrading the plant, which will cease production of the Cadillac CT6 sedan and Chevrolet Impala at the end of February. Over time, the plant will employ 2,200 people.

GM abandoned the Hummer brand in early 2010. The brand originated as a military vehicle Humvee from the company AM General LLC in South bend (Indiana). GM acquired the rights to build civilian versions.