As a 14-year-old girl created a candy business generating several million dollars a year

Approaching Halloweenand that means candy is sold everywhere and pounds, but why not try a healthier option?

14-year-old resident of Michigan Alina Morse , the founder of the company Zolli Candy, which creates a sweetness that help to reduce tooth decay, and her business brings in several million dollars a year.

Her friends back home in Detroit her name is Willy Wonka, in the business world, she has won the title of «youngest CEO of the year», currently she is the youngest person to ever receive recognition on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Photo: Wikimedia/CC

At 7 years old Alina started to ask the adults why no healthy lollipops.

«I started to read a lot and read the statements of doctors, who said that tooth decay is an epidemic faced by children across America, so I thought, if this is a growing problem, anything I can do to help?» — says Alina.

At 9 years her first candy Zollipop off the line.

«Candy Zolli is an all — natural sweets without sugar, in addition, they clean the teeth. Helping to raise the pH in your mouth, candy Zolli neutralize acids and reduce the risk of tooth decay,» said the girl.

Today Alina manages his millions by the company, simultaneously while in high school and facing the usual teenage problems.

She gives 10% of all profits of the organization Million Smiles, which deals with the education of schoolchildren on the topic of dental health.

«We want to be the number one company in the world that sells candy without sugar,» says Alina.

Candy Zolli you can buy in the network CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and on Amazon.