Employees allowed to take time off «because of a hangover» after corporate events and parties

Open season Christmas parties. The offices appear spruce twigs, jewelry, champagne, Loud music, dances and unbridled joy of the festive evening in the morning gives way to the emptiness of rooms and workplaces. It appears that part of the team… sick. Diagnoses at the same time, often depend solely on creativity «sick» and the latitude flight of his imagination. But we are all adults and we know the name of the disease. Hangover.

Officially it is not a valid reason for absence from work. It turns out that on the one hand, I want to support the corporate spirit and friendly atmosphere in the team, to communicate in an informal setting, to reset the accumulated operating time voltage. But on the other hand, in the morning have to choose between suffering in the workplace and lies that could justify the absence. And to lie to the boss — not the best idea.Employees allowed to take time off «because of a hangover» after corporate events and parties

This is a vital question brilliantly solved in the Lab Audit. Instead forced to listen to excuses and to spoil the karma of the staff lies, the management has introduced the so-called «hangover days.» Because it is better to be honest, right?

Creativity from The Audit Lab

With a strong headache and weakness caused by alcohol, employees are permitted to stay at home. Lee Frame, 33-year-old Director and co-founder of the company explains this decision by the fact that in this way employees do not have to lie and pretend.

To inform about the day of the alleged hangover in advance. It does not have to write a statement a few weeks before the party. Enough the day before to call and find out if there’s a way tomorrow to work at home. Lee notes that people appreciate this trusted relationship and don’t abuse it.

19-year-old Ellie Entwistle, senior Manager, digital PR company, the Audit Lab, speaking on the show live 5 Live, has shared his impressions of the innovation.

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«Over the last 12 months I’ve been home for two day hangover after partying with friends and three — after a night of corporate events», — she said. Ellie appreciates that her employer gives her a certain autonomy, and this inspires her to work harder and better.

«Sometimes it’s more productive to work from home, because it means that you don’t need to get up, put on makeup and commute to work. All I need to do to get a coffee, turn on the laptop and start working. If you want I can do it lying in bed or sitting on the couch.»

Her boss Claire Crompton, explains: «We wanted to offer something to young Millennials, who may in the middle of the week to have a party in the pub. My team pre-orders the day of the hangover, if they know they are going to walk. The next day they just work at home in pajamas».

In an interview with the BBC Claire told me that he wanted to offer different types of benefits to attract talented employees from big cities, since its business is based in Bolton, North of Manchester.

We’ve all had one too many at the work Christmas party and felt ‘delicate’ the next day. You can’t really call in sick but you’re not going to get any work done.

But this company lets employees take «hangover days» so people can work from home. But does it work? pic.twitter.com/xlDnx2Mb8N

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Some statistics:

  • Data published by the chartered Institute of personnel and development (CIPD), show that about 84% of corporate events associated with the use of alcohol.
  • 4 out of 10 surveyed HR managers are worried that the intake of alcoholic beverages can cause problems at work.
  • But almost 50% of managers are confident that the joint drinking a positive impact on the morale and cohesion of the team.

Employees allowed to take time off «because of a hangover» after corporate events and partiesImage tookapic from the website Pixabay