Two American women and their dogs rescued after 5 months of drifting in the Pacific ocean

Two American women and their dogs rescued after 5 months of drifting in the Pacific ocean

On Wednesday, the Navy , the U.S. saved two women and their Pets after they spent in the open waters of the Pacific ocean more than 5 months.

3 may American Jennifer Appel and Tasha of Fujaba went on a voyage from Honolulu to the island of Tahiti. At the end of the month they were caught in a storm, in which the engine of their boat failed. But the women decided not to give up and tried to get to the destination using the sails.

According to mother Appel, she always believed that her resourceful daughter will find. 75-year-old Joyce Appel of Houston first heard her daughter’s voice after more than 5 months after their last conversation.

abcnews: Two women and their dogs rescued after five months stranded at sea

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As it turned out, the first day of his journey, the girl fell over the side, so it was not possible to get in touch. Despite the lack of information in the course of 5 months, mother was sure that daughter:

«I always had hope because she is very resourceful and curious. When something breaks, it’s trying to recover. She is not sitting and waiting to arrive repair worker, so I knew that the same thing will happen on the ship».

As it turned out, in addition to the engine on Board was broken and the mast. That is why the ship was without control, and it easily took to the open ocean.

Appel and Fujaba sounded the alarm only after 2 months after leaving port in Hawaii, because by this time they planned to arrive in Tahiti. But at that time they had already brought it so far that was not the courts, which could see the distress signal.

Two women from Hawaii, Tasha Fuiava and Jennifer Appel, were rescued after being stranded at sea for five months. Spotted by a Taiwanese fishing boat, the U. S. S. Ashland later pulled them from the water with their two dogs, Zeus and Valentine. #ComeTogether

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They survived through the water purifier, which was once out of order, but Appel was able to fix it. Besides, they saved a year’s supply of shelf stable foods (pasta, oatmeal, cookies).

According to the girls, for 98 days , their signal was not seen by any ship, and any Manager in the land. Finally, on 24 October, Taiwanese fishing vessel found them, about 900 miles South-East of Japan, which was informed by the US coast guard.

The next day, the ship of the Navy went to the coordinates to return the women home.

«They saved our lives, – shared his impressions of Appel. – A sense of pride and the smiles were on our faces when we saw them (state Navy) on the horizon, were proof of a huge relief.»

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