Exhibitionist on bike preys on young women in Queens

Exhibitionist on bike preys on young women in Queens

The NYPD is looking for exhibitionist, which is more than six months scares young women in new York. May in different parts of Queens there were 9 incidents involving him. Mentally ill attacker moves around the city by bike and usually chooses as «the public» for their perverted actions girls up to 15 years.

To divert their attention, the man asks for a piece of paper — is worth the sacrifice to turn away, he shows her his genitals, and then quickly disappears from the scene.

Exhibitionist on bike preys on young women in Queens

According to police, the first time a flasher has been spotted in flushing on may 11, and in November he appeared in Ridgewood. The youngest victim is 11 years old, and the eldest is 15.

None of them was not physically hurt from the actions of the cyclist.

Law enforcement officers describe the attacker as a man of medium build with a height of about 180 cm. he was Last seen wearing a baseball cap, gray pants, a dark sports jacket with white stripes on the sleeves and shoulders. Possible victims or witnesses are asked to call 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

According to criminal statistics, exhibitionists almost never show physical aggression towards victims. Usually their goal is to achieve emotional responses to their actions in the form of surprise, embarrassment or fear.



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