In San Francisco earthquake recorded

In San Francisco earthquake recorded

On Thursday, residents of San Francisco could feel some discomfort due to light shaking. According to preliminary data, it was an earthquake of a magnitude of 4.4 points. It was recorded at night, about 2.40 hours.

The USGS reports that the epicenter was located 3 kilometers from Berkeley, California. The quake had a preliminary depth of 8 miles (13 kilometers).

At the moment about any injuries and damages received as a result of the incident, not reported.

The territory on which it was felt the vibrations of the earth’s crust, has not been determined. However, on the website of the USGS says that people report they felt the earthquake about 40 miles (64 kilometers) to the South from the epicenter, in San Jose.

Shaking intensity map for the #earthquake near Berkeley at 2:39 am. Prelim mag of 4.7 later revised to 4.5 A very early AM reminder to keep quake ready kit, flashlight and supplies on standby living in CA

— Rob Mayeda (@RobMayeda) January 4, 2018