Russian fighter intercepted plane-US spy over the Black sea

Russian fighter intercepted plane-US spy over the Black sea

Today, January 29, when the U.S. government is preparing a document for the expansion of sanctions against Moscow Russian fighter jet made a suspicious maneuver, which forced American spy plane to finish the mission.

The representative of naval forces of the United States, captain Pamela Kunz said that a Russian fighter SU-27 close to the American aircraft EP-3 Aries at a distance of 1.5 meters in international airspace.

Russian fighter intercepted plane-US spy over the Black sea

According to Kunz, the incident lasted two hours and 40 minutes, after which the us military made the decision to complete his mission. The captain added that the American aircraft operated in accordance with international law and «not provoke» their Russian colleagues in similar maneuvers.

Kunz said that Russian fighter jets violated international standard (INCSEA) that could increase the risks of miscalculation and collision in the air.

In The Ministry Of Defence responded to the accusations of the United States. They stressed that the Russian fighter flew «strictly in compliance with international rules» during the interception of an American spy. According to them, the military recorded on the radar «unknown aerial target» that was close to the airspace of the Russian Federation.

According to CNN, the forces of Russia, USA and NATO are in close proximity to each other in the region, especially after the increase in the military presence of Russia in connection with the annexation Crimean in 2014.


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