Family blogers, started a fire in the office Youtube, warning: it is dangerous!

The day before the incident on 3 April in the head office of Youtube, the relatives of the suspect told the police about her missing and said that she has problems with this videochatroom.

As has established a consequence, the fire in the headquarters of Youtube was opened by the blogger Nasim Najafi Aghdam from San Diego. Before killing himself, an outspoken vegan and animal advocate wounded 3 people.

According to relatives Nasim, she was going to get revenge for the loss of Youtube subscribers and views after you change videochatroom filter policy.

Relatives reported the disappearance of a woman last weekend, told KGTV brother Nasim, asking not to be named. Woman’s car found in mountain view, about 30 miles South-East from headquarters YouTube. The brother realized that she «might have something to do» and warned the police about the danger.

«So they did nothing and she died… And another 3 or 4 people were hurt,» commented the man.

The police Department mountain view confirmed that on the morning of 3 April, a woman with the same name was discovered sleeping in the car. After talking with her, law enforcement officials said the whereabouts of her family.

«She was a good man, — said the brother Nasim. — She has never harmed any living creature.»