To 8 hurricanes this season can shoot over the USA

After the devastating season of hurricanes in 2017 experts predict that in 2018, a little more «gentle» season.

According to meteorologists, in the Atlantic may develop 12 to 15 tropical storms. 6-8 of them may become hurricanes, and 3-5 — severe hurricanes.

«Last year we had 17 tropical storms, AccuWeather said Dan Kottlowski. — This season may not be as active, a little more calm.»

However, according to the forecaster, to relax articleaboutit. «Yes, this season might not be so many serious hurricanes, but believe me, enough even one the 4th or 5th category, to inflict enormous damage — added Kottlowski. — What it is, we saw last year when the coast was struck by hurricanes «Harvey», «Irma» and «Maria»».

The main storm threat is forecast for areas on the coast of Florida, Texas and North Carolina.

«The residents of these areas always had a plan in case of a hurricane. If you makwiramiti, you must be a list of things you need to take with you. Stay? Think how to cope in a situation when a hurricane will leave you without electricity or water,» — said the expert.

In some States, mostly in the Midwest, the season a tornado has already occurred. Warnings about possible dangers to the national weather service of the USA (National Weather Service) issued for parts of Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Indiana and Tennessee.

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