A woman from Texas was shot because she was threatened with life in prison for the embezzlement of $1.2 million

A woman from Texas that could be put in jail for life because of the waste of $1.2 million, ended his life by suicide a few hours before the sentencing.

In January, 43-year-old Paige Moody, Bisher admitted to stealing $1.2 million from a small company in Houston where she worked as a part-time administrative assistant. Her fraudulent scheme was uncovered when the owner of the company asked Bisher to show past financial statements, after which the speculator submitted a letter of resignation. Suspected ex-employee stealing, were audited. As a result of check it was revealed that the woman wrote checks to the company.

«This case is abuse of trust is unprecedented in the 24 years that I’ve been investigating crimes white collar» — said Brian waclawik, chief expert on fraud Harris County.

According to the Prosecutor Lester Blizzard, Bisher luminaries life sentence for secret theft of property in large amounts (more than $300 thousand).

According to the Institute of forensic Sciences Harris Countyon Wednesday (may 2) Paige shot himself in the chest in the Parking lot of Wal-Mart in humble just hours before sentencing. The medical examiner confirmed that it was suicide.

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Posted by Allan Freeman on Thursday, May 3, 2018