6-year-old girl found a bag of cocaine in the school bag and tried to eat it

Tragedy could turn into a resident of Philadelphia the morning of 16 may. On that day, the girl, being in the classroom at Hardy Williams Elementary School, found in the backpack of one of the orphans a bag with an unknown substance, which later proved to be cocaine.

Thinking that it’s sweets, she put the package contents in my mouth and tried to chew. Fortunately, the drug was Packed in glassine, and the girl did not have time to crack the protective shell. At this moment arrived the teacher, who immediately made the little girl spit out a dangerous package.

The police claim that their actions at the school actually saved her life, time suspecting something was wrong. He took the girl along with a classmate, whose backpack was found the suspicious substance, the nurse who examined both children. It turned out that none of them managed to try a drug.

School staff called the police. The analysis showed that in the bag was cocaine. How he ended up in the backpack of a very young pupil, remains unclear. The child’s parents and teachers say that his family is trustworthy and has no relation to the possession or distribution of drugs.

Parents of other students are seriously concerned about what is happening and the police pay attention to the frequent cases of sale of drugs in the surrounding areas. People believe that the child is able to throw the cocaine. The police in the investigation of checked bags for all the students in this class, but found nothing.

«Usually Packed so individual portions, but they usually are with a larger party, so we now check how this happened,» said police Lieutenant John Walker.

Law enforcement agencies have promised parents as soon as possible to find out how the child’s backpack turned out to be a drug, and to find those responsible for the incident.