In Colorado and new Mexico since June 1, raging fires

The massive fires in less than a day spread over thousands of acres in Colorado and new Mexico, CNN reports.

As explained today, June 2, the press-Secretary of the US Forest Service Jim Mackensen, in the County of La Plata (Colorado) fire has covered over 1.1 million acres (445 hectares), forcing 1.5 million people to flee their homes. Fortunately, no building fire has not been destroyed.

On Friday, June 1, local authorities announced natural disaster. Despite the efforts of firefighters to tame the fire is not yet possible: this morning, the flames continued to be fueled by dry grass, shrubs and fallen trees.

The temperature in the fire area is still quite high. On Sunday there are expected thunderstorms. According to Mackensen, rain, of course, will help to extinguish the flames, but a storm fraught with the risk of new fires.

Highway US Highway 550 for transport is still closed.

US Highway 550 remains closed due to #416Fire. Here’s an alternate route

— La Plata County, CO (@LaPlataCountyCO) June 2, 2018

In neighboring new Mexico, County of Colfax, according to InciWeb, the mass fires, the morning of Saturday already covered about 27,29 thousand acres (over 11 thousand hectares). The taming of the fire thrown nearly 450 professionals. The disaster, dubbed Ute Park Fire, localized between Eagle Nest lake and Cimarron. The cause of the fire is unknown and is under investigation.

6/2/18 #UteParkFire Infrared Map:

— UteParkFireInfo (@uteparkfireinfo) June 2, 2018

For residents of Cimarron declared a mandatory evacuation in the town of about 300 buildings are under threat of fire, 14 buildings have been destroyed by fire.