Chicago teenager «back from the dead», despite a gunshot wound to the head

The beginning of this week has been extremely turbulent for the people of Chicago. Monday, June 18, in one of the districts of the city there was a mass shooting, the result of which were killed 2 person and 4 were injured.

Arrived at the scene of the shooting, the doctors covered the dead tissue and began to help other victims. However, after a while people got a shock, when one of the «dead» began to stir. It turned out that 17-year-old man, received several wounds in the head, was still alive.

It happened at 4:45 local time. The police reported that unknown persons opened fire in the area of University village. The bullets hit 6 people. One of the victims, 22-year-old Alonza Mackoy died instantly, and five other people were injured varying degrees of severity. Paramedics examined the girl and 17-year-old Erin Cary and found them to be dead. Of course, the victims ‘ bodies were covered with sheets. Then they do the rest of the victims.

What was the surprise of doctors, when the body of one of the «victims» start to move. It turned out that despite multiple injuries to the head and body, the guy was still alive. His emergency was hospitalized, but after a few hours Cary died. Colleagues not blame the paramedics as the injured young man was extremely heavy, and he showed no signs of life. Apart from him, at the scene there were other wounded who needed assistance.

However, law enforcement agencies began checking on this fact. Anthony Riccio, Deputy chief of the Chicago police Department, said that thorough investigation will be held. According to him, the rescuers ‘ actions can be understood as the situation demanded quick decision making. Moreover, as soon as it became clear that the guy is still alive, they have made every effort to save him.

Police link the shooting with warring. None of the affected people did not want to cooperate with law enforcement officers, and circumstantial evidence points to the fact that it was a dispute over territorial influence of local gangs.