At the distillery in Kentucky fell 9 million barrels of Bourbon

At the distillery in Kentucky collapsed part of a warehouse building in which was kept the main American drink is Bourbon. In the incident about 9 thousand barrels of alcohol crashed to the ground, according to CNN.

Bourbon barrels are piled up after a warehouse collapse at the Barton 1792 distillery in Bardstown, Ky.

— Dylan Lovan (@dylanlovan) June 22, 2018

MORE: Bardstown, Kentucky fire chief believes the #bourbon from a warehouse collapse @Barton1792 is running into a nearby creek; awaiting EPA arrival.

— Paul Miles (@PaulMiles840) June 22, 2018

A trivial incident occurred on Friday at the plant Barton 1792 Distillery, which supplies the beverage under the brand 1792 Bourbon.

In the fallen building, which is designed for storage of 20 thousand barrels, at the time of the accident repairs were carried out.

Billy Mattingly, the chief of police of Bardstown (Kentucky) reported that during the incident inside the building there were no people.

Initially, it was unknown whether the spilled Bourbon from the barrels, which caused concern to the local Department of environmental protection: the building is built on a hill, and not far from it flows a stream. Alcohol could get into the water flow and harm the environment. In place of collapse quickly left the staff of the Department. They had taken water samples — all the samples were clean.

1 barrel contains 53 gallons (200 liters) of Bourbon and weighs 550 pounds (about 250 kg).

Representatives of the plant until the situation is not commented.

About Barton 1792 Distillery

The distillery Barton 1792 Distillery was founded in 1889 in the town of Bardstown, which later became the world capital of American whiskey. For all time of existence, it several times changed owners, and in 1945 was completely destroyed by a fire that erupted due to faulty pump. Now owned by the Sazerac.

The flagship Barton Bourbon — 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, named in honor of the year of education of the state of Kentucky, brought the distillery worldwide fame and made her one of the leaders in the production of American whiskey.

Representatives of the plant until the situation is not commented.

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