Delta was banned from flying with pit bulls

Delta has imposed a ban on the transportation of breeds of dogs as animals that provide emotional support to passengers during the flight.

The Director of service of rescue dogs in Los Angeles, Catherine Hurley, for many years traveled with his pet, a pit bull Jack, who was specially trained to fly with his owner. Unfortunately, Catherine found out that the airline has changed the rules and tightened restrictions on flights with the animals. She refused to travel with Jack, because of what the woman had to cancel the trip to Detroit.

The restrictions concerning fighting breeds of dogs, no matter, flying pet as a service dog or a pet for emotional support.

Service dogs are specially trained to assist and support passengers with disabilities, such as blindness. With a specially trained dog also easy to fly passengers, prone to stress or mental disorders, because the animal, being there, helping to alleviate their condition.

Several airlines have taken similar steps. The restriction on flights with dogs fighting breeds introduced after a series of incidents with their participation. Several employees of the airline was bitten by a pit bull, who flew as the animal for support.

Also the role played by the dissatisfaction and complaints of passengers with animals, which the airline allowed to carry as hand Luggage for an additional fee. Cats, birds and other Pets allowed nervous in the neighborhood fighting dogs.

But despite the statement, Hurley did not agree with the Delta, but he flew with it about eight times without problems. The airline returned to the woman’s the money for the ticket, but did not offset the cost of booking with another, more expensive carrier, because they were forced to deny her at the last moment.

On account of the Delta for several high-profile scandals, including the death of animals. The last one was linked to the death of Spitz during the flight.